Wednesday, February 11, 2009

coming back to the blogside of things.

so i realize i never posted a "part 2" to nick's birthday dinner. let's just say it wasn't much to speak of. although his birthday dinner to stix was way fun. we are officially 3 days away from valentine's day and i feel pretty confident that i can discuss what i got my boys as nick will never read this blog nor will jordan since he will just be 4 months old saturday. i am getting nick a pair of tennis shoes that you can get that nike thing for that syncs with your ipod (i got him an ipod touch for christmas). i also got him a new auburn underarmour shirt. this one is orange. of course he still has the navy one. old faithful as we like to call it. i got jordan an auburn shirt that says "i have been a tiger fan all my life" or something like that. it was cute. i thought he needed it ha. i will also make them some little valentine's baskets as well i imagine. although nick is on a diet and really can't have candy, and jordan has no teeth...hmm...maybe i should rethink that ha. either way, i am excited. any holiday where i can have an excuse to buy them things is ok with me. in other news, jordan has recently found his screaming voice. it oddly resembles that of a bird call, but nonetheless it is precious. he goes for his 4 month appointment next tuesday. i am not excited about it at all. he has to get more shots. i cry. but it's ok. i am taking off the whole day so i can hold him and love on him the rest of the day after he goes. i can't stand it, but i guess getting the shots is better than the alternative. i have started 2 new books. which if you know me is totally unlike me since i'm not a big reader. but these are (i guess) self help books. they are books for healthy marriages. and as someone once told me (that someone being my dad) anything that helps your marriage is worth reading. also last sunday, my sister (Candace aka Aunt Cebe) took pictures of our beautiful baby and some of nick and i. i included one at the top of this blog. she is truly talented and if you ever need pictures done, she does all kinds of occasions and i can get you in contact with her. i guess that is all the news i have for now. i pray everyone has a fantastic valentine's day and even if you don't have a "significant other" be thankful that you do have those who love you very much. and above all, God loves you.

1 corinthians 13:4-7

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  1. :-)

    I love what you've done to the place over here.

    I'm sure you'll have a wonderful Valentine's Day!