Thursday, September 9, 2010

a quick update.

so here's my progress (or a lack thereof)...
monday was a fairly lazy day. didn't really do much except go to nick's parents where i completely ruined what i started sunday. but tuesday i quickly jumped back on the wagon. i didn't really get much done as far as working out goes on tuesday. jordan was sick and basically wanted me to hold him all day (which i am completely ok with by the way hehe). wednesday, however, was a different story. on wednesday, i got up at 5:30 and headed into the living room to do one of my workout dvds. after about 15 minutes i was completely bored with it. so i hopped on nick's bike for a ride. before i left i remembered that nick didn't have anymore 5 hour energy drinks, so i got my debit card and decided not only was i going to ride around the neighborhood, i was going to ride to the icehouse. so i did, and i felt pretty accomplished when i got back (and shocked nick i believe ha). of course the rest of the day i paid for it. my legs were killing me. or well i thought they were killing me until this morning. and this morning as 5 ish rolled around again, i started getting ready to go back at it. this time jordan decided he was getting up with me. so i loaded him up in the jogging stroller and hit the pavement. now mind you, just because it is called a jogging stroller doesn't necessarily mean you have to jog. haha. instead we took a brisk walk. all in all, i felt it was a decent workout. if jordan decides to stay asleep tomorrow, i am going to ride the bike again. i really liked it. the eating is coming along. i haven't been that crazy with the diet yet. nick wants us to try to just eat healthy before we restrain ourselves to a diet. we will see. i'm still hoping to lose atleast 1 pound by sunday. i guess that is all for now. hope everyone has a blessed day :)

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  1. ummm....mam...i believe you are falling behind and we just cannot let that happen this early in the game :)